The Art Supergroup

The Art Supergroup is a burgeoning art collective. Similar to the "rock supergroup", its purpose is self-perpetuation, slow response, idiosyncratic [if any] output and ultimately self-sabotage. We need three lorries, at least, with The, Art and Supergroup painted on them. Ideally, we'd like them by December. We have no way of getting these. That's one of the problems.
Conceptually, the Art Supergroup is quite good.
Practically, the Art Supergroup will never deliver. Because of the trucks. And maybe because we're also a sub division of the Hangover Art Club, which has many members, none of whom currently know that they are members.

Legal notice:
The hangover art club is a subsidiary of the art supergroup.
Paint club is a subsidiary of the hangover art club.

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