Prints and Biscs and Bellyaches

Biscuits! Protest! Folk Art 2016 we're-all-doomed-oh-yes and then some.

If you liked the raw art biscuits, and wanted a print, they are still available. And it's still nearly-not-Christmas so there's plenty of time for one, or two, to fling its way to you in Seasonal Festive Stead. Why not cheer up every single person you know with the image of some quite sweary custard creams? What hollers "Christmas" more than a brightly-coloured, angry sugary snack? Nuffink. That's what.

The first print is A3 and features the Hit Parade of FU Brexit biscuits. 

Print, framed, at the Grrrr! shop NW5

The second print is the A3 size FU Trump bastard US election protest one. It features Bastard Trump, broken flag, Oh Dear, We're All Doomed 2016, The State of America and Fuckin' Hell. These biscs are now resined, some have been sold and some are available here.... 

The print is freshly off the press....

The third print is a resin Protest biscuit, A2 size.
It's in still in the box we got from the printers....

And fourthly, it's the Riot biscuit in massive protesty rioty resin form as an A2 print. A vital addition to any wall for this, lovely spicy Christmastime.

Please order using the PayPal buttons below. Contact me if you have any questions. All prints rolled up in a tube and sent Royal Mail signed for.
For the other resin anti-Brexit blah blah biscuits n that – the link is here. And if you're desperate for exciting paintings there's still time to order one - have a look round the site - the Robert Wyatt ones are still available plus Television and many more.

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