Low Mugs and More!

Hello! It's nearly Christmas - and that means that you may need a mug. I've just checked and there's a couple of these in stock still, order now and it may arrived actually in time.... All sent in a polystyrene packaging thing which makes them not break in the post. Like. Perfect for the festive season, to put rum in and other wintery drinks.

Low mugs!!

This is the Low mug. 2016 has been rubbish and quite sad.

Grrrr! mugs

Why not sup from a mug which says Grrrr! all the way round, all year round?

Sex Dog mugs – back in stock

This is the famous Sex Dog mug which supplies both gravitas and, ironically, a lightness of touch to any hot drink.

The Throbbing Gristle mug - a Raw Art classic

Sorry this has sold out

This is the Aladdin Sane mug

It's a Sleaford Mods mug! Wooh! Our favourites, now immortalised on a beverage container.

Sorry this has now sold out

David Essex "Rock On" mug - good for people who love David Essex, because at one point he was the most beautiful man in the world. 

"Pup" Mug -
It's a Sex Pup mug - new for 2016! It's menacing and weird but sort of cute. Ish

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