Go Betweens - Liberty Belle Artwork

Hello scamps.
Here, on a blustery day, we have another new artwork to reveal... the suitably blustery jangles of Brissy's finest, the Go Betweens. Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express album cover. They're all sitting on a sofa. Some high, some low.
When will change come? Well, I don't know. But if you look at this artwork long enough – for a really really long time – things will change I am pretty sure of that.

On a sofa

On a wooden surface

On a plinth

If you would like this artwork it is 20 x 20 cm painted in acrylics on canvas board.

"Driving my first car, my elbow's in the breeze
With all these people that I never, never need
These people are excited by their cars..."

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