Large Bowie "Low" Art Art

Hey there funky cats.
It's Saturday. I've got a headache. Doesn't matter, because I've got a lot of art coming out of my fingertips. Before the Christmas Raw Art Shop gets going, I have a teasingly large Bowie painting on the so-called shop front, hanging in the window, looking lost and lonely. This measures 60 x 60cms and is painted on deep edge canvas in acrylics. It's well fancy but it's still sad. It's bright, but it's dull. It has our Iconic Dave looking over there - to him it's straight ahead but to us it's the right. The right side of what? The right of where? Or the right of a nice bit of Berlin where he can have a sit down with a cup of milky tea and little German bun sort of thing.
Or maybe not.

Detail. Young David looks over there.

Full picture. Bit intense.

Plonked on the floor.

As we all know, the Low cover is from a still from The Man Who Fell to Earth so it's actually looking at some bit of New Mexico after having snorted loads of cocaine in that special silvery spoon thing with no milky tea in sight. It's just as well. He's Dave, not Alan Bennett.

If you would like this bit of art on your own personal wall - or even someone else's - it can be yours. Price for UK inc P&P is £200 and I will paint to order. Watch out for mugs soon.

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