Leonard Cohen - Death of a Ladies Man Artwork

Hello ladies and ladyhumans. Welcome to another painting thing. This time we herald the charming lothario Leonard Cohen, who sits, as on the cover of Death of a Ladies Man, with some gurls. He looks out at us - is this a death? Is this just a cigarette break? Who is he? Who am I? Who are they?
But I know who you are. You are a discerning gentleperson, who often lives off their wits. You are kind, vulnerable, strong and ugly - when you're not too busy being good-looking. You like Leonard Cohen and you like his stuff. His aura. His atmos. His je ne sais quoi.

Leonard, smoking

Detail of Leonard, and texture of his open white shirt

If you would like to buy this little slice of heaven, this paparazzo-style NightClub Glimpse of the trouble that notoriety and cigarettes and that open white shirt brings - then it can be yours for £49 inc UK P&P. The canvas board (for it is that) measures 20x20cms and is daubed with acrylic paint. It is painted to order as a multiple of 20, and each piece varies slightly from the others.
When it is Christmas you can hang it on the tree.
Please see Paypal list below for other postage options around the so-called world.
S Superman

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