Style Council/Jam Artwork II

The Style Council, á Paris.
Painted on cardboard, this is a colourful depiction of Mr Weller and Mr Talbot hanging out near the Eiffel Tower, wondering whether it's nippy enough to put their jumpers back on. Talbot's thinking about a having nice cold beer and maybe watching some chic French birds passing by. Weller's not sure if he should be "soaking up some culture" by going to see the Mona Lisa and then getting some biros from the gift shop. But, in the end, they're probably going to drink some beers and light up a few gaspers.

I still like the Style Council. A lot of people go on about the Jam {see below}, but Paul Weller obviously just wanted to have some fun and fuck off for a bit. There are moments such as when the Jam were doing Beat Surrender on Top of the Pops, along with Tracie Young, and Brucie and Rick look like they are already feeling surplus to requirements. Even though they're placed at the front.

That's TV Irony Gold.
Paul and Tracie are at the back looking cool, sharp and thin. They look like they've won.

So I've painted our Paul and our Mick, on cardboard - as you can see from this angled photo above. It's mostly like canvas board, and is a good surface. Just to let you know. All the greats painted on cardboard at one stage in their lives. Even Jack Vettriano.
Well maybe not Jack Vettriano.
Anyway, if you would like this... use the PayPal thingy below.  
Measures 15x15 cm. Acrylics on cardboard. Sent first class signed for, price includes postage.

SORRY THIS HAS NOW SOLD. If you would like to commission a similar painting, or one with the same image, please get in touch using the contact form.

And here is a picture of the Jam. It's quite "straight".
I thought I'd do a companion Jam piece too, the black and the white of it - the silhouettes here are quite pleasing. The mood is action but in fact the figures look like puppets, rock band shadow theatre.

Measures 20x20 cm. Acrylics on canvas board. Sent first class signed for, price includes postage.

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