Obvious, but Salient, Soap Sculpture - UK Budget 2015

George Osborne is a Shitty Cunt

Soap Sculpture in reaction to the Budget 2015

George Osborne is a Shitty Cunt (again)


George Osborne is a Shitty Cunt. Discuss. Or perhaps not.

This art is for sale for those that are really pissed off.
Or if you like George Osborne but you're a bit strange and like soap sculptures calling him a shitty cunt then do so. I'm not one to judge.
More to follow. When I've finished some very cheap wine.

This Soap Sculpture is the size of a normal bar of soap and is hand carved with a Swann Morton scalpel knife. You can buy it - there will be a limited run of five - and maybe we can drown these arseholes. 

Price Inc P&P
The soap may represent proposed cleansing of poor people in the UK but it always leaves a scum mark. Man.

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