2014 Raw Art Badge Meltdown - SOLD OUT

And afternoon to you too. On this rather sunny day, teeming with garden birds and motorists and men with their stomachs out, here is the latest vital piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is Raw Art.
Badges are not known for their coruscating views or their ability to mix cocktails. But badges are friggin cool, right? They mark you as as a leader, not a follower. A wolf not a sheep. A man, a woman, a child. Or something else. But anyway, since they were invented in the 16th Century* they have been celebrated as small metal things with stuff on them that you can put on a coat.
And lo! It's 2014, the dawning of the Age of Badge-quarious where we, lovers of raw, lovers of art, want to wear some more, some brand new, some arty badges.
Here are four, sizzlin' hot, quick-as-you-like badges that won't put the kettle on.

Four badges, neatly arranged, glimmering in an intense heat


Perhaps the cheekiest of the quartet, Mr S Dog leers out at the passer by and stifles a growl. Or a howl. Or a small whimper. 


Actually he's just as cheeky. The Robert Wyatt obsession continues with this artwork which was originally drawn in pen and ink on a post it note.


Let it all out with this on-trend message "Up Yours". Based on a mood, a feeling, an intense urban anger arising from the foam-sodden streets of the UK from Dorset to Dundalk.

FREE!! BADGE NUMBER FOUR - HANGOVER ART CLUB - if you buy all the other three!!

True fans of art, or maybe not necessarily, are members of the Hangover Art Club. The HAC fails to meet once a month at an All Bar One in Heston. (Although there are rumours there's a splinter group at the Nandos in Feltham every other Thursday.) Wear this badge with pride. Wear this badge with a pint of cider.


....Just to show that they can.

If you would like one of these cruel, limited edition badges, it will cost you £1.60 each inc P&P. They are 25mm diameter. If you would like to buy three you get the exclusive HAC badge for free! I.e. four badges are a stonking £3.75 for the lot, including first class postage - plus membership to the Hangover Art Club.


* Source: Kelloggs

And if you still like badges, we still have last year's famous offerings here

New Mug Poll for 2014

UPDATE:  votes have been counted and mugs ordered. Watch out, limited edition art mugs available soon. Yowsa.

Hello there, it's the Raw Art 2014 Mug Poll! Excitement, surely, abounds. Go on.
It does.
Here's your chance to vote for a Raw Art image you would like to see on a mug, sometime (hopefully) before Christmas. The mugs have featured in their own article (see "Press" link at the top of this page) and are widely known for their use in containing hot beverages. They are, even, dishwasher-proof (or so the bloke tells me but I'd wash them up by hand if I was you. Or NEVER USE THEM AT ALL. Etc.)
So - use your power to vote! It's not important, but it is political.
Sort of.
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