Grrrr! is at the Clerkenwell Festival 2016

Grrrr! – Raw Art and Pandora Vaughan – is preparing for the Clerkenwell Festival 28 August 2016.
We're going to have lots of mugs, Truth pencils, pencil cases, exciting other new things Raw Art is making at the moment, actual artwork, biscuits, badges, prints and bags. It's like the Grrrr! shop. But as a stall. In East London. On A Sunday.

So far, Raw Art has painted some business cards on blocks of wood...

 ....and is in the process of making a new machine thing with an arrow on it.

Raw Art Raw Hearts - LUCKY DIP SALE - CLOSED


A crazy Raw Art lucky dip today – Friday 5th August 2016 at around NOW – 12 hearts on sale at £12 each!

These hearts measure 10 x 10 cm, painted in acrylics on canvas board. Whichever one you get, it will be a bit sweary. These were originally shown as part of the Raw Art Raw Hearts grid in the Grrrr! shop.
They are known for bringing good fortune and strong feelings into any home. Postage and packaging is included. That's how great the vibes actually are.

If I remember, they will have "grrrr! 2016" written on the back plus your name and a personal message from Raw Art written in Sharpie pen. Let's go!


The hearts in the shop.

This, for instance, is "Fucky" sitting on the art shelf at Raw Art Towers. I am keeping Fucky, by the way.

Last Day in the Grrrr! Shop Today!

Drop by - we're open 12 ish onwards.... We're leaving for now but we have plans afoot.
Thanks to everyone who's come in and said hello. You've all been AMAZING. The response has been great. You people are cool.
 Thanks to all the artists: Jane Hoodless, KeelerTornero, Nick Newsam, Cathy Ward, Joe Carcary, Exitstencil Press, Nicky Fijalkowska, Scott King and hugely, Mr Terry Hall for also painting the whole shopfront before we opened & being so supportive. 
We'll be back somewhere. 


Protest Biscuit Print

Yay – it's the protest biscuit print! Now available for a limited time only, edition of 50 - features 12 of the protest biscuits - as seen in our Grrrr! shop and online.
As you may be aware, the day after the EU referendum, Raw Art sat in the Grrrr! shop and felt despondent. There's a piece about it here.
Print image

The biscuits are a protest,  placards of sorts. (They are sitting in my fridge at the moment, coldly continuing their protest.)
There's the "Fuck Gove May Farage Johnson"; "Broken Biscuit Broken Britain"; "NHS"; "I Don't Understand This At All"; "EU" plus more. If you would like a ltd print hurry – they're going fast. Will be sent rolled in a postal tube – P&P included.

The print is A3 on Hahnenuhle German Etching paper. Price only £30 including postage. 2016. What a bloody year. And it's not even August yet.


Please let me know if this link doesn't work!

Mugs Mugs Stuff n Mugs

A round up of the latest mugs and re-stocked back-in-stock mugs from Raw Art n Grrrr! All sent in a polystyrene thing which makes them not break in the post. Like.

Grrrr! mugs

Why not sup from a mug which says Grrrr! all the way round, all year round?

Low mugs

This is the Low mug and it is sad.

Sex Dog mugs – back in stock

This is the famous Sex Dog mug which supplies both gravitas and, ironically, a lightness of touch to any hot drink.

Prices inc P&P
Throbbing Gristle mugs - back again for a bit

20 Jazz Dunk Greats.

Prices inc P&P

Grrrr! Shop, London NW5 - Last "Do" – 22 July

Breaking Up on Re-Entry

This is to tell you about our last "do", which we're calling "Breaking Up On Re-Entry", because we're like that.
Polish your purse, clean your spectacles and sharpen your elbows – on the 22 July between 5-8pm we at Grrrr! are showing up, selling out and clearing off... [Well we've got until the 29th but you know how it is.]

This is the Grrrr! End of Shop show. We've got AMAZING artworks from all our super artists, plus some more art we thought we'd fit in. And we've got stuff we hadn't even dreamed about when we first opened - the protest biscuits, Truth and Beauty pencils, Good Spell stars, keyrings and even more paintings.
We've had a marvellous time at Grrrr! It's been cool. It's been mental. We're looking to continue n all at some stage and at some space – some scientists are working out the logistics. OK, well we are. You know.

Folk Art Protest Biscuits

New Biscuits being added here every few days!

"Broken Biscuit..."

"Teresa Fuckin' May"

I did some protest biscuit painting on Friday 24 June 2016 because I was pissed off. I haven't stopped. 
Here are some of the results. They are on display at the Grrrr! Shop, 6 Malden Road NW5 3HR for a bit. (We're open Wed-Sat 11am-5pm.) There's a piece in the KentishTowner about them here.
We close 29 July 2016. *Insert sad face.*

Some biscuits in a grid

I can't stop doing this

I really can't



In a box in the shop, they look like sweets


Er, more


Fuck you May, Gove, Farage, Johnson

Bastard Cream

"I don't understand this at all" and "This is a fucking shambles"

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