Internationalists, Spin Offs and Knock Offs - The Style Council Artwork

"Nothing lasts with age, so people say/ But I will always try to feel the same..."

Another cloudy day here at Raw Art Towers where the tops of the lime trees still have leaves on them and the children play in the road. The wind is cold and the cars are sharp; the leaves fade from a broad bright green colour to a ripe lemon. They drop off and are slippery underfoot. Yes it's full-on autumn and Raw Art is thinking about Life and falling over on the street in front of everybody and what-the-hell-does-anything-mean-anymore-2016-you-bastard.
Anyway. I've become really obsessed with the Style Council. Yeah the Jam were blah blah and all that but I have begun to have a growing fascination with those pop bands – the Spin Offs/ Knock Offs/ Next Things after serious man-man post punk/new wave/ cheekbone music. Cue - bloody amazing pop hits. And girls are in the actual band. Stupid videos. And a sense of abandon and the cheery goodtimesfunstuff that the previously NME-coasting rock bores didn't have. What with having to be serious about middle eights and toppy hi hats and being in bed early.
For example: The Human League 1981 – after the Heaven 17 ones left. New Order – after that other group. The Fall - Brix Smith years. Scritti Politti – they just sort of turned themselves into a Pop Monster after punk and Green started singing like Deanna Durbin. The Cure - same thing. 
WE'RE HAVING HITS they gurgled and appeared to be having SO MUCH FUN. There are numerous others bands I could mention, but I'd come off like a sub-standard Pete Frame diagram or some sort of lame theorist. So down with theories and up with Art.
So, I bloody love The Style Council and in all the videos they look like they're having a riot. Mick Talbot must have been a bad influence or something, Paul Weller is giggling in much of the footage, without a gnarly Bruce Foxton sneering at him over his Merc sunglasses. Or something.

And yes, the Style Council were Internationalists, which sounds a bit like the Letterist International i.e. they may have also been Situationists which is really good. I bet they ate croissants long before Robert Elms. [They had an album called Café Bleu.] They were dead EU, mate. 

And so, in the depths of my obsession, I have painted Paul n Mick, looking moody but probably thinking about drinking some nice Belgian lager, tying their jumpers round their waists and going to eye up some birds. I have watched all of the videos and I am going to watch them all again. Especially My Ever Changing Moods where they pretend to have some sort of Tour de France thing in a cold park surrounded by nymphs in white netting. Long live the Style Council. They were tops.

If you would like to buy this artwork there is only one, ONE - and it is a modest 62 pounds and slightly more [or maybe less, given the currency fluctuation every time Teresa May opens her mouth] if you live in lovely Europe or the rest of the world. It is painted in acrylics on canvas board and measures 20 x 20 cms. Any questions, about anything at all and I really mean anything well actually perhaps not, please use the contact form.


Folk Art Protest Biscuits - Now in Resin

As you may already know, Raw Art has spent the past two weeks pouring resin over the EU protest biscuits, including the rock n roll biscuit, to see if we could finally mummify the artworks, or whether the whole process would destroy them. In addition, the rock n roll biscuit is about two years old - and shows no signs of disintegration - so maybe this is due to industrial amounts of preservative. Or the fact that it is a magical biscuit which defies nature.
Probably the latter.

Now a few more are ready – cast in resin – to flee the so-called nest and go out into the wider world. But watch out, this is slightly involved. I was not certain there were pictures of all of the biscuits, so as a result there are now too many - but this is just to show as many as possible.
There is a list below. Please, if you buy a biscuit, request which one. This is very important. I can paint and cast another edition for you if one has sold out, if you are happy with that, or do choose another. You can use the contact page as the paypal notes thing I tried to do doesn't seem to work. I am keeping the original Rock N Roll biscuit.

Update - some of the originals have sold so please check list below or you can request a copy of a particular slogan/design

NEW IN! 2 x NHS!!

Several of the biscuits, all coated in resin. Includes "Broken Biscuit / Broken Britain", "Bastard Dream" and "EU"

I Resign - still available

"For Jo Cox"

You biscuit will arrive in a box, nestling in tissue paper. Shown here with Grrrr! mug and pencils.

"Teresa Fuckin' May" – sold

"Truth and Lies" – sold

"Bastard Dream" – Still available

"Protest" - in two colours - still available

"Gold leaf" – can be yours

 Biscuits, yes, in display case

Biscuits are [starting with available originals]:
Protest - red on pink or pink on red
NHS - two available
Bastard Dream
I Resign, Thank You
Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland
Custard [Cowardly Custard]
Gold leaf

For Jo Cox - original now sold
I Don't Understand This At All - original now sold
Truth  - original now sold
Lies - original now sold
Bastard Cream - original now sold
This is a Fuckin' Shambles - original now sold
Teresa Fuckin' May - original now sold
Broken Biscuit Broken Britain - original now sold
Fuck You May Gove Farage Johnson - original now sold
Oh Fuck It - original now sold

Or... another design, made to order - your choice of words or it could be ornamental [we put the "mental" in ornamental] etc.

I have deliberated over the price and they are £20 each including P&P. It may sound like a lot, but it isn't. They all took hours to paint, to dry, then to put in the resin (which costs loads). I didn't want to make them too expensive, as that's not the point. Yes. Or rather no.

I will be paintin' n dunkin' some new biscuits in the next few weeks. And for those that came and saw them at the Grrrr! shop - hey! Thanks for dropping by.

I have also found out, when prompted by the loyal Raw Art customer base, that the biscuits use sustainable palm oil.

29 September 2016

Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Song Print

"Call Temperton..."

UPDATE – 6th October 2016 – RIP Rod Temperton whose death was announced 5 October 2016.
In addition to Thriller, British songwriter Temperton wrote tons of hits. Actual worldwide hits. Off The Wall and Rock With You, Boogie Nights and masses more. There's a good Spotify playlist here (compiled by Pete Paphides) which includes a handful of his bloody amazing disco greats. Makes me want to go out on a Saturday – velvet shoes, lycra leggings, vodka milkshake – and get on the dancefloor. 
"'Cause we're the party people night and day
Livin' crazy that's the only way."
Anyway, that's another song. Here's the Thriller song structure print...

Hey. And hello. Wotcha. Welcome to Raw Art, this blog post in particular. This thing.
And welcome to the latest thing – the all-new Raw Art Song Structure print. As seen [above] at the Grrrr! shop in July. Wooh - it's the structure of a song. Could be any song. Or could it. Are all songs the same?
It's the song structure of Thriller by Michael Jackson - well, sung by Michael Jackson and *danced* by him. Written by Rod Tempterton.

I think Michael Jackson is the time I realised there was a thing called famous.
("Michael Jackson". Like it's a time – "what time is it?" "Michael Jackson". Anyway.)
Not like "person on tv opens church fête" famous. But global, life-shattering, unenviable famous. I was a kid, and the other famous people up 'til then - Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, John Lennon - they were all dead. But Michael Jackson was alive and famous. I think he was on one side of a Smash Hits poster, with Boy George on the other. It was at this point that I realised that Boy George was famous too. And alive. And my world did not turn upside down quite, but my eyes were open.
As said, I was not very old at the time. I am older now. And I'm selling this print.
Limited edition of ten. Digital print on Hahnemuhle paper, A3. I will sign it and blah blah. Any other questions – if sensible – use the contact page.


28 September 2016. This is the unofficial Week One of the Raw Art Christmas.

Low - Now Square And A Bit Bigger

Hello. Time was, about two months ago, Raw Art had a shop as part of Grrrr! We miss that bloody shop, we do. We miss the people strolling in, having a chat, almost buying a "Failure" pencil and then not. We miss being surrounded by the art. We miss our lovely artists, the light of NW5 as day faded into night, stopping by the Gipsy Queen on the way home for a quick pint.... Raw Art misses having a shop. WE REALLY MISS THE SHOP. Just thought I'd put it out there. WE MISS IT.


Anyway, onto matters more urgent and pressing. And first person. I've been looking at the postcard-sized Low for a few months now, it's sitting in the Raw Art Towers kitchen. And it socked me in the jaw - why the hell is not square? And slightly bigger? I've not done that much David art since January – you may be aware there was a lot more of it before. Felt too trite, too icky, too maudlin. But, listening to the albums over the months I still come back to Low. One of my favourites. Perhaps the favourite? I don't know. Bit bleaky-bleak-bleak at points but it's 2016 – man – so it fits.

I've made a new Low painting for this season, and it's 20 x 20 cm now, and I hope that it makes sense.

If you would like one of these they are painted as multiples and limited to twenty. Only £60 including the P&P. Acrylics on canvas board. Expect some biscuits on a similar theme in the next few weeks. Maybe.

If you would like a Low mug we still have a few left.

16 September 2016

Grrrr! Punk Rock Rock!

It's still summer. It is it is it is. The sun is in the sky – people are getting extensions built and their sink fixed and everything is as is as is. Or something.
So! You're imagining you're at the seaside, and that you're not worrying about the sink, or the cat, or what you're going to do with the rest of your life. The ageing process. Family and friends. Love and hatred; pity and redemption. Yeah, you're thinking "I'd like to be on the beach, 'cos that's better, even when it was officially too hot it was better. They hadn't suspended my housing benefit then and the world was full of possibilities."
And what does the beach mean, other than all of those things? Ice cream? NO. Buckets? NO. Rock?

Well help is at hand 'cos Raw Art only went and got some official Grrrr! Punk Rock Rock done. Yes. In minty flavours and with some stupendously Grrrr! style words in it.
Pack up your worries in a neoprene travel case and get rockin'. Hm. Phrases to choose from are Up Yours, Hot Lips, Dream Lover and My Best Mate. For some reason there's one "Nympho", a sort of Lars Von Trier reference there more than anything else, and it's yours [or another one is] for only £3.50 inc UK P&P. 

Every order also gets a free Grrrr! badge, because that's the way it is. 

Options inc UK P&P
31 August 2016

Grrrr! at the Clerkenwell Festival Sunday 28 August

Grrrr! – Raw Art and Pandora Vaughan – is preparing for the Clerkenwell Festival 28 August 2016.
We're going to have a Seaside Summer Art Special including NEW punk rock rock plus Television watermelon slices for sale [other New Wave band names will be available].

There'll also be mugs, Summer pencils, Headache Jewellery, Hot Motel prints, badges and bags. It's a bit like the Grrrr! shop. But as a stall. In East London. On A Sunday. In The Summer. With a Seaside theme. And a dog show.

So far, Raw Art has painted some business cards on blocks of wood...

 ....and is in the process of making a new machine thing with an arrow on it.
....which I'm not sure what to do with. See it Sunday! Drop by and say HELLO.

the two Grrrr! proprietors share another joke

Raw Art Raw Hearts - LUCKY DIP SALE - CLOSED


A crazy Raw Art lucky dip today – Friday 5th August 2016 at around NOW – 12 hearts on sale at £12 each!

These hearts measure 10 x 10 cm, painted in acrylics on canvas board. Whichever one you get, it will be a bit sweary. These were originally shown as part of the Raw Art Raw Hearts grid in the Grrrr! shop.
They are known for bringing good fortune and strong feelings into any home. Postage and packaging is included. That's how great the vibes actually are.

If I remember, they will have "grrrr! 2016" written on the back plus your name and a personal message from Raw Art written in Sharpie pen. Let's go!


The hearts in the shop.

This, for instance, is "Fucky" sitting on the art shelf at Raw Art Towers. I am keeping Fucky, by the way.

Last Day in the Grrrr! Shop Today!

Drop by - we're open 12 ish onwards.... We're leaving for now but we have plans afoot.
Thanks to everyone who's come in and said hello. You've all been AMAZING. The response has been great. You people are cool.
 Thanks to all the artists: Jane Hoodless, KeelerTornero, Nick Newsam, Cathy Ward, Joe Carcary, Exitstencil Press, Nicky Fijalkowska, Scott King and hugely, Mr Terry Hall for also painting the whole shopfront before we opened & being so supportive. 
We'll be back somewhere. 


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